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Welcome to website Vista Associate Co.,Ltd.


     We are the seller and setting advisor of vibrate and sound protection. Our company focus on the industrial level and mechanical construction.

Industrial business

Construction business / Mechanical design

vibrate protection technology


sound protection technology


granite table


cast iron

machanical moving and setting service



     In the industrial level, our company has got the credit on service and goods choosing trustable not only the vibrate protection technology and mechanical moving but our company also has the idea to let the everyday technology using is not too difficult. Our company is so proud to be one of the business growth of Thailand nowadays. Our company is not only be a goods and service seller but we are also be a good technology creator to increase the quality of Thai life. So, we has our principle which is

"Technology for life quality".




We have achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification from United Registrar of Systems Ltd. (URS)